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When you use Command prompt in window, you might notice that copy and paste option is not allowed in CMD. By default, Windows doesn’t allow its users to copy commands from anywhere and paste them in command prompt ...
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Google Chrome’s  is Powerful browser and its simplicity, it has a simple and clean window. Google Chrome loads webpages quicker than any other all internet browsers and it can also run complex web applications without any difficulty. The ...
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There are too many resource available for bloggers on multiple platforms whether they are Smartphones or Android, Computer, Apple or Windows Phone. As today we have got Better 10  Smartphone Apps for Bloggers . These apps could be really ...
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A partition is really only a logical separation from the whole drives, but it appear as though the division creates multiples physical drives. Some terms you will see associated with a partition include primary, active, extended, and logical partitions . Partitions ...
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The Google Chrome Web browser is based on the open source Chromium project. Google released Chrome in 2008 and issues several updates a year. It is available forWindows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems. Google ...
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Video compression technologies are about reducing and removing redundant video data so that a digital video file can be effectively sent over a network and stored on computer disks. With efficient compression techniques, a significant reduction in file ...
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Facebook is a big social networking site which has millions of daily users. In this they can share views, ideas send messages and etc. You are also the protector of your own information within Facebook, So you have to play ...
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Today , is the Time of new gadgets of android phones . Android phone gadgets change the each and every person life. Android phones comes with many features . If you like for any games , techonolgy , ...
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Jquery is most useful concept.JavaScript programming as it provides an easy method to select HTML elements and manipulate the DOM. jQuery is wildly popular, according to the recent statsof W3Techs, “jQuery is used by 95.4% of all the ...