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Jquery is most useful concept.JavaScript programming as it provides an easy method to select HTML elements and manipulate the DOM. jQuery is wildly popular, according to the recent statsof W3Techs, “jQuery is used by 95.4% of all the ...
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WordPress keeps improving with new features in each new edition. Some of these new features are so subtle that you might have overlooked them. In version 4.2, for example, WordPress adds a set of new Emojis which you ...
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Today , is the feature of android phones . Android phone gadgets change the each and every person life. Android phones comes with many features . If you like for any games , techonolgy , music , movies ...
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Keyboard is input devics. That are very useful part of computer . But some shortkut tricks to know about keyboard . Here, we provide a 200 keyboard tricks for windows to all of you . 200 Keyboard Shortcut ...
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The importance of apps for the smooth running of our daily lives cannot be overemphasize. This is especially so with the increased migration from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets. Development of apps is slowly becoming a simpler ...
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WhatsApp is a prominent moment delivery person application that takes a shot at iOS and Android OS, which gives you a chance to send instant messages, MMS and voice messages between your companions at free of expense. Then ...
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The Linux open source operating system, or Linux OS , is a freely distributable, cross-platform operating systems based on Unix that can be installed on Computers, laptops, netbooks, mobile and tablet devices, video games consoles, servers, supercomputers and ...
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Windows is the most popular operating system for desktop, so it’s no surprise that it supports a plethora of tools and apps, but not all of them are essential for useful. While there are plenty of tools and ...
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Android from google has had an enormous effect in cell phone innovation. It is currently a standout amongst the most utilized OS for cell phone. In the event that you don’t have an Android Smartphone but then u ...