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How to Hack Facebook Account Password

Posted by Deepanker Verma Jan 27, 2012 8 comments

When we talk about hacking, people start thinking of Facebook hacking. This is the only hacking which every persons want to try. Facebook is the hot topic on my website's comment section. People also send me requests to write about easy way to hack Facebook account. So I am writing now a easier way to hack Facebook account. 

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We can not say it a trick. It is a full length process in which we prepare a hacking tool and then try to hack password of the person. We will use a remote keylogger to hack the password of a Facebook account. 
First of all I want to say something about the keylogger, I am going to use in this hack. We will use winspy here. This is one of the best keylogger available in the market.. It is really safe and comes with customer support. If you are looking for any Facebook hacking tool, i think this one is best. If you are not good in hacking or something like this, you can still use this software easily.

The only thing which can create a trouble for you is its price. But it costs very less and you can afford it if hacking a account is so much important to you.  If you really want to hack Facebook account, this is the best.
All the free versions of this keylogger hosted some file hosting website comes with Trojan. So I will recommend to buy the tool rather than using the Trojan binded version available for free.
Warning: Hacking into someone's Facebook account falls under the cyber crime. So we will not responsible for anything you do with the help of this post.

Download WinSpy Here 

This is the kelogger which will send you the password of the facebook account direct in your email.

1. First of all get your Winspy keylogger. Download it from the link given below

2. After downloading, run the program and create the user id and password  Remember this password as it is required each time you start Winspy and even while uninstalling.
3. Then a new dialogue box will open to show you the hotkey (Ctrl + Shift + F12 ) to start keylogger.
4. Now press the hot key written in last step to go to the login form and enter login details to login.
5. Now you are on main screen of the software. Click on remote at top and then remote install.
user – type in the victim’s name
file name – Name the file to be sent. Use the name such that victim will love to accept it.
file icon – keep it the same
picture – select the picture you want to apply to the keylogger.

In the textfield of “Email keylog to” , enter your email address. 
6. click on “Create Remote file”.

Now send this file to the person you want to hack. If victim runs this on his system, you will get all his keylogs in your email. Check keylogs for the password of the victim

see the video below and learn how to use WinSpy


Param said...

not able to download.... paid now i guess

Sachin Srivastava said...

A better option would be Ardamax Keylogger... It does everything you need or think of as far as Keyloggers are concerned. [LINK 1: http://hackthepc.blogspot.com/2011/04/ardamax-keylogger-v376-full-free-crack.html]
[LINK 2: http://download.cnet.com/Ardamax-Keylogger/3000-2162_4-10353737.html]

sunil thakur said...

thanx bro for your help.I want this type of software.but this is paid software.can u provide me its serial ?

Sankarganesh Thirumalaisamy said...

but ARDAMAX is only for personal pc.how to use it as romote keylogs monitering..

Anonymous said...

you cant download this programm for free cause the website says there is no longer free trial version please put another link that you can download this tool for free and with crack

Sachin Srivastava said...

Try it on Torrentz.com
You will get it with crack...

Deepanker Verma said...

After mediafire and piratebay cases, i do not think, anyone is gonna get these things for free. Copyright policies are going to be stricter in upcomaing days

Anonymous said...

what the fuck is that...

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