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LOIC Dos attacking tool

Posted by Deepanker Verma Apr 5, 2012 0 comments

LOIC is the popular dos attacking tool. This tool is also known as the main wepon of most (in)famous hacker group anonymous. This group use the modified version of the tool to perform ddos attack. They are also distriuting this tool around the globe and inviting users to join force.
This tool is available for free on all the platform and any one can use this tool to crash small website. But you need a network of computer to perform the attack on the big website.

LOIC basically turns your computer's network connection into a firehose of garbage requests, directed towards a target web server. On its own, one computer rarely generates enough TCP, UDP, or HTTP requests at once to overwhelm a web server—garbage requests can easily ignored while legit requests for web pages are responded to as normal.

Read the full review of the tool   LOIC (LOW ORBIT ION CANNON) – DOS ATTACKING TOOL

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