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Methods of Finding Admin Login Page of a Website

Posted by Deepanker Verma Mar 17, 2013 0 comments

Sometimes it is hard to find admin login pages on the website because they are not linked with main website. Once I found SQL injection vulnerability in a website and easily got the admin user name, password. Next step was finding the admin login page and try the password. But it took hours to get the page.
Methods of finding  Login page of a website

Sometimes, it is really hard to find the admin login pages. This is because admin has not added the link to main website, restrict the page from search engines and restrict access from other internet users. There may be many other reasons.

Today in this post I am going to show you the various methods of finding admin page of a specific website.


Most of the time what happens that an attacker gain user name and password of a particular site and to deface the site he tries to find the login page so that he can log in and change the pages or upload his shell.But most of the time an attacker fails to find the login page of the site.
Here I am going to show you the various methods by which you can get the login page of a web site.

1.       Adding URL

This is the first and easiest method to find admin login page. You can add some words after the URL.

2.       Using various scripts

You can use various scripts like various admin finder to get the admin page.Here I am showing you an useful scripts which will help you to get the admin page.
To run this script you first need to install Active Perl.get it from http://www.activestate.com/activeperl/downloads

Now copy the code of http://pastebin.com/WWZszURW and save it as anything.pl and run the script to get the login page of the desired site.

3.       Crawling software

You can use various crawling tool to crawl the website and get the login page. These website crawl all the pages of the website and show the list of all pages and directories. 

4.       Robots.txt

By default various search engines crawl the entire site and by using robots.txt the site owner actually gives the list of links that are not to be crawled by the engine.Now most of the time the admin ask the engine not to crawl the admin page so if you view the robots.txt you can get the link to the login page.

5.       Google dork

You can use google dorks to get the login page.some of the dork that you can use are
  • Site:site.com “admin”
  • Site:site.com inurl:login
  • site:site.com intitle:"admin login"

6.       Online

There are few websites that can help you in finding admin login pages. You can use the site http://sc0rpion.ir/af/ to find login page online

7.       Havij

At last you can use the all time popular Havij to find admin page. Havij is a popular SQL injection tool that has an option to scan and search for admin login pages.


 From this post it becomes very clear that if You (site owners) have not changed the default URL of your site’s login page then it can easily be compromised if an attacked gets the User name and password or even he can brute it.So it is advised that you should change the default URL of yours login page to something uncommon which is hard to guess like for example:

About the Author: Indrajeet Bhuyan is a 15 year old tech blogger and security researcher.Read all his articles at his security blog hackatrick , he is the security author of the popular site Techlomedia.in


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