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WordPress Security Scanning With WpScan Android App

Posted by Deepanker Verma Mar 15, 2013 0 comments

With the increasing popularity of Android devices, security companies are developing penetration testing tools for this platform. If you own a WordPress website, now you can scan it for known security vulnerabilities with WpScan Android app. 
WordPress Security Scanning With WpScan Android App

Wpscan is a blackbox WordPress security scanner written in Ruby. This app was also available on Google Play store, but now it is unavailable. You can download the full source of the app from github.

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This app attempts to scan and find all the security flaws in WordPress installation. I will suggest you to use desktop version of WpScan if possible. It has more features that the app.
Wpscan Wordpress security scanner app
Wpscan Wordpress security scanner app

Note: This is not the official app of WPscan, so use at your own risk. I already recommended official desktop version of WPScan.



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