Hack website using C99 script

Hack website using C99 script

C99 Shell: A Hacker's FavoriteC99 Shell: A Hacker's Favorite.

the c99 shell script is a decent approach to hack a php empower web server. you need to discover an unsecured uploaded to transfer this record to the server. here i utilized unsecured uploaded means the up-loader which can’t check for document augmentation and permit us to transfer our executable scripts to the server.

it shell permits an aggressor to capture the php empower web server. this script is extremely easy to use and having great interface so it is anything but difficult to utilize. you can issue any php order to keep running on the web server. you can utilize any of the orders given in the script to keep running on the web server.

for hack website using c99 script take after these strides.

1) find a php site with an uploader.

2) test the document uploader to be secure or not by transferring documents with a server executable augmentation.

3) if uploader is unsecure then transfer the shell script.

4) execute the transferred code by exploring to the transferred page.

5) a c99 script gui will appear with a ton of choices and points of interest.

6) look for the server subtle elements if the experimental mode is on or off. on the off chance that protected mode is off then the whole web server can be controlled by the script. in the event that its on then on the index in which c99 shell script is transferred must be controlled by the script.

7) apart from having the capacity to ch mod, adjust and erase records c99 additionally gives it a chance to’s client savage compel the ftp however it requires an extra word reference document which can keep running into several mbs.

you can likewise execute this script on the web server by rfi.

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