Free Download Whitepaper “Intrusion Detection Systems with Snort”

Free Download Whitepaper “Intrusion Detection Systems with Snort”

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intrusion detection system is a device or application that monitors all activities of a network or system and warns if any malicious activity has been found. basically, ids only monitors and reports intrusion. but some advanced ids can also prevent the intrusion. there are called intrusion detection and prevention systems (idps).

the free ebook is titled “intrusion detection systems with snort: advanced ids techniques using snort, apache, mysql, php, and acid.” this book help you to setup snort in your network to monitor traffic in real time. you will also learn how to use and update snort to add new security rules.

this ebook is written by rafeeq ur rehman and published by prentice hall. part of the bruce perens’ open source series. this ebook is available to download for free. you only need to go through a simple registration process. –

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